Public Crisis Response

In the age of instant communication, we often have only a few seconds to do and say the right thing. Public Crisis Event Coverage provides payment for expenses incurred during an event that generates multi-state or national news or has components of escalating intensity that interfere with normal operations of a Member. ICRMA’s reinsurer will pay reasonable and necessary expenses incurred during a crisis event. This program offers coverage from the first-dollar and is not subject to a deductible. Public Crisis Event coverage is part of and defined within the Liability Program’s Memorandum of Coverage (MOC).  Members should review the MOC for definitions, reporting requirements, and other information.

Crisis Events must be reported as soon as possible to trigger coverage and should include:

1. How, when and where the Public Crisis Event is taking or took place
2. Names, addresses, and contact information of any injured parties and any witnesses
3. The nature and location of any injury or damage arising out the Public Crisis Event

Members receive assistance from the Abernathy-MacGregor Group to respond to the media and maintain/restore public confidence.

Los Angeles Office Contacts

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Managing Director
Office: (213) 630-6550
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James Bourne
Senior Vice President
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New York Office Contacts

Kendell Fitter
Managing Director
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Cell: (212) 940-9506

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Senior Counselor
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Senior Vice President, Director of Financial Services
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