Special Events Program

The Special Events Program is designed to provide liability protection for members that permit public events to be held on their owned or managed property, street closures, or for ICRMA member sponsored events. Premiums for an event will be determined by the type of event and the anticipated attendance at the event. The entire process can be completed within 4 hours, and provides the ICRMA member with protection at a fraction of the usual cost to the event holder.

The coverage administrator, Merriwether & Williams,:

  • is responsible for all underwriting decisions and works directly with the event holder.
  • provides proof of coverage to the event holder and the ICRMA member.
  • collects the premium directly from the event holder.

More information about the program can be found here.


To obtain coverage, contact Merriwether & Williams at (800) 420-0555 or (415) 986-3999, or submit the online application form at www.2sparta.com.