Pre-employment Physicals

Since 2003, ICRMA has contracted with Occu-Med to provide pre-placement employee medical evaluations, fitness for duty evaluations and ancillary services. Occu-Med’s services are available to all ICRMA members since the program has the potential to help reduce both workers’ compensation and liability claims.

Occu-Med’s program significantly reduces worker injuries by identifying pre-existing medical conditions or physical limitations that may pre-dispose the applicant or employee to injury when performing the essential duties of the job. The Occu-Med system of pre-placement medical evaluations is based upon a three-pronged approach:

  1. utilizing valid job information,
  2. medical examinations that are job-related and consistent with business, and
  3. an applicant/job compatibility assessment formula.

Services include:

  • Job Analysis – Data collected from an on-site job analysis will be qualitatively and statistically analyzed to create Job Profiles and Medical Examination Component Profiles for each job class.
  • Clinic Training – Occu-Med can work with your existing clinic or assist you in locating a new clinic.
  • Client Orientation – Client Orientation will be provided on-site or via conference call (as requested), for designated staff, to explain our service.
  • Medical Examination Scheduling – Occu-Med will contact your candidate to schedule an appointment while providing all the necessary documents to both candidate and clinic.
  • Medical Examination Harvesting – Occu-Med contacts the clinic to request or “harvest,” the exam at the absolute earliest time that is should be ready for review, which saves our clients approximately 50% in terms of turnaround time for results.
  • EXAMQA – The overriding activity of EXAMQA is the determination of whether applicants for jobs are able to perform those jobs safely, with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations – Fitness-for-Duty evaluations of current employees returning to work following injury or with declining health brought on by injury to determine his/her ability to continue performing the job or to return to the job – either to full or to modified duty.

ICRMA pays Occu-Med a flat monthly fee for the aforementioned services.  ICRMA members are responsible for the cost of the medical exam that is scheduled at a clinic of their choice; Occu-Med receives the invoice from the clinic and in turn invoices the ICRMA member.

For more information, or to arrange services, members may contact Program Administration Staff at RPA or Bill Vogeler (559-435-2800 x101,

 More information can be found in the below resources: