Scholarship Program

The Guidelines for Attendance at Professional Conferences were adopted to establish a policy for travel and attendance at professional risk management conferences and seminars paid for by ICRMA. Members are encouraged to attend these conferences as well as other appropriate seminars to increase their knowledge of risk management and related issues for the benefit of their individual cities and ICRMA.

ICRMA will pay for associated expenses, as defined in its policy to eligible members, for attendance at the following ICRMA-approved conferences:

  • ASSE
  • California Workers’ Comp Forum
  • Liebert Cassidy Whitmore Public Sector Employment Law Conference


Attendance at professional conferences is open to the ICRMA Board Directors, including the Voting Directors and Alternates, Members of the ICRMA Claims Committee, whose cities participate in the ICRMA Liability Program and regularly participate in ICRMA Board meetings, and other member agency staff members who have been approved for hparticipation in the Risk Management Certification Program.  Eligibility is based on the following criteria:

  • Paid attendance is limited to a maximum of three people from each member agency and within the established ICRMA budget for professional conferences each fiscal year.  Additional persons (above three) may attend an approved conference, if the established budget has not been exhausted, subject to the approval of the ICRMA Executive Director.
  • The member must have had a representative at two-thirds of all Board of Director meetings held in the preceding fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). Eligibility will be determined by verification of attendance records.
  • Conference reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis; however, no individual may attend more than one conference or seminar in any fiscal year.  However, for subsequent seminars, individuals who have not previously attended a conference funded by ICRMA will be given priority over those who have, regardless of when the request to attend is received, so long as the request is received prior to any applicable deadlines.

Attendees are responsible for obtaining authorization from their employer for time off and out-of-state travel.

Attendance at Professional Conferences

Member employees that wish to attend a conference should contact ICRMA’s administration staff a minimum of 60 days prior to the conference to confirm eligibility. Attendees are required to attend all professional conference business/educational sessions which are available and, in addition, if requested are encouraged to attend the next Board of Directors meeting, following the conference, to make a brief presentation on the benefits derived from attending one or more of the sessions.  Attendees unable to attend the next Board meeting must provide ICRMA with a brief written description of the benefits derived from attending the seminar for inclusion in the Board Agenda or for distribution at the meeting.

Travel and Accommodation Expenses and Reimbursements:

All travel, overnight accommodations, meals, gratuities, incidental expenses, and ground transportation shall be arranged and paid for by the attendee and shall be reimbursed to the attendee in accordance with the following:


All airline travel shall be by lowest coach/tourist fare available, based on the circumstances of each trip.  Tickets are to be purchased in advance to obtain fare discounts.  Private auto travel in lieu of airline travel shall be reimbursed for mileage in accordance with the rate per mile as reflected in the current Internal Revenue Service Guidelines, not to exceed the cost of the lowest available air fare.

Overnight Accommodations

The amount of reimbursement shall be limited to the single room rate of the seminar hotel for the period of the conference, including the evening before the conference.  Accommodations for additional night(s) will be reimbursed only if there is a net cost savings to ICRMA.  Prior approval must be obtained from ICRMA.  Reimbursement will cover only the cost of the hotel room and applicable room taxes/fees.

Meals, Gratuities and Incidental Expenses

Reimbursement will be made for the actual cost of meals, beverages, gratuities, and incidental expenses not provided as part of the seminar up to the allowable maximum based upon the published rate for the area in which the conference was held. Requests for reimbursement for meals and beverages will be limited to those consumed by the attendee. Alcohol, entertainment, sporting events, and other non-essential expenses will not be reimbursed.

Ground Transportation Costs

Reimbursement for bus, shuttle, ride share, or taxicab fare to and from the airport will be provided.  The cost of a rental car will only be reimbursed when a bus or taxicab is not available or is more expensive than the cost of a rental car.

Reimbursement of expenses

Reimbursement requests must be submitted to ICRMA within forty-five (45) working days after the end of the conference and must be accompanied by itemized receipts for all expenditures. Click the following to download the scholarship reimbursement request form.  No registrations or expenses will be paid for anyone other than the attendee.  ICRMA will endeavor to make payment within its normal accounts payable cycle. NOTE: When the reimbursement check is payable to the person normally authorized to make the reimbursement request, his/her supervisor must approve the request for reimbursement.


If an individual needs to cancel attendance for any reason, ICRMA will not be responsible for payment of any fees incurred, including but not limited to cancellation fees, registration fee, hotel reservations, travel expenses, and so on.