ICRMA’s Mission:

To be the premier, member-focused association of California public entities, joined together to protect member resources by managing the cost of risk, by providing its members with comprehensive risk management services and broad coverage, resulting in cost stabilization and effective risk solutions.


ICRMA’s Vision:

To be the risk management Joint Powers Authority “Pool of Choice” in California.


ICRMA’s members pool resources to support liability, workers’ compensation, property, and auto physical damage self-insurance programs. ICRMA also offers other programs such as earth movement and flood, crime, cyber, and terrorism.

ICRMA’s Governing Board regularly monitors the programs to ensure ICRMA’s program structures offer members the most benefit possible.

ICRMA continues to adapt and evolve to meet its members’ needs, regularly setting organizational goals and objectives intended to help member cities increase risk management awareness, explore new coverage options, and reduce losses.

For a comprehensive, at-a-glance view of ICRMA’s lines of coverage, click here.

In addition to its coverage programs, ICRMA has also taken advantage of the group’s purchasing power to offer a full menu of services to help its members control risks at better rates than they could obtain on their own.

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