Risk Control Resources

Mitigate Risks, Maximize Safey with Tailored Risk Control Services

Our risk control resources at ICRMA are designed to meet the specific needs of your city. We offer a range of services and tools to help you effectively manage and mitigate risks. These resources are continuously expanded and updated based on our meetings with you, focused reviews of your losses, and emerging loss drivers.

Our risk control resources include:

  • Template Policies and Checklists: Ready-to-use policies and checklists to help you establish effective risk management practices.
  • Risk Program Audit: An examination of the effectiveness of your risk management practices across various operations.
  • Safety & Risk Programs: Development of written safety programs to ensure compliance with Cal/OSHA regulations and address liability loss exposures.
  • Job Shadowing of High-Risk Activities: A comprehensive approach to addressing worker injuries by analyzing the leading causes of workers' compensation losses.
  • Safety Inspections: Inspections of facilities and playgrounds to identify and correct hazardous conditions.
  • Request a Specific Consultation: Evaluation of industrial hygiene or risk review of specific practices and activities.
  • Online Ergonomic Self-Assessments: Access to Enviance for self - assessments (indicate you are a member in the Company Name box by typing ICRMA: City of [city name]).
  • Personalized Office Ergonomic Assessments: Supplemental assessments to address ergonomic concerns in your office.

In addition, our excess and reinsurance carriers offer a wealth of resources and services to further support your risk management efforts.

For more detailed information, please visit the Members tab on our website, specifically under the Training section.  Questions should be sent to ICRMA Director of Loss Control, Bob May.

Additional Resources

Members have access to additional resources in the Members tab.