Certificates of Coverage

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ICRMA utilizes Certificates of Coverage to evidence our members’ participation in various programs. These certificates of coverage can be used to satisfy the requirements of third parties with whom our members have contracted. When the contract requires that coverage be extended to these third parties, additional covered party status can be granted via endorsement.

ICRMA will attempt to issue a certificate within 48-72 hours after the request has been reviewed and detail verified. ICRMA returns the completed certificates of coverage to the Member, and the Member is responsible for forwarding onto the certificate holder.

Do you need help with contractual risk transfer? ICRMA’s Risk Control Director to provide assistance.

Member Information
Issue Certificate To
Coverage Information

If a contract is required, please forward a copy of the agreement/contract/rental application to Bob May.

Coverage Type
Waiver of Subrogation

A waiver of subrogation means your Agency is waiving its right, as well as ICRMA’s, to sue the other party if it causes a workers’ compensation claim.

Since these Programs include commercial insurance programs, the broker must make amendatory endorsements to the policy(ies), i.e. adding a Loss Payee, additions to the property schedule, etc. If your agency does not participate in the ICRMA programs for these coverages, please contact your agency’s broker for evidence of coverage.

Supporting Documentation

Feel free to include any additional documentation. If the request is for an additional covered party, please attach the contract.

Send Additional Copy

No need to add yourself, as you will recieve an email confirmation. Use the optional fields above for additional recipients of the final certificate.


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