Crime / Employee Dishonesty

ICRMA: Protecting You Against Employee Dishonesty and Fraud

Our Crime Insurance Coverage Program provides blanket coverage for a range of dishonest acts, including embezzlement, fraudulent fund transfers, theft of cash, forgery or alteration, computer fraud, and outside premise robbery. This blanket coverage applies to all employees, reducing the risk of coverage gaps due to collusion.

Reporting Claims

Timely reporting is crucial for claims, as late-reported claims may be excluded from coverage. It is important to report a possible incident as soon as it is discovered.

Claim Correspondence

In the event of a loss or suspected loss, please provide the claims department with the following:

  1.  Description of the incident, including how, when, and where it occurred. 
  2.  If applicable, provide photos of relevant documents. 
  3.  Notify the adjuster if a law may have been broken.
  4.  Cooperate in the investigation and settlement of the claim.

All supplemental claim information and general claim correspondence should be sent to The Hanover Insurance Company, with a copy to AJGRMS Claims Department. Contact information is located below. 

The Hanover Insurance Company
P.O. Box 15145
Worcester, MA 01615
National Claims Phone: (800) 628-0250
with a copy sent to:
AJGRMS Claims Department
Phone: (855) 497-0578

With clear and concise marketing communication, we highlight the comprehensive coverage and support provided by ICRMA's Crime Insurance Coverage Program, as well as the importance of timely reporting and available resources for claims and forensic accounting.