Property Program

ICRMA offers property coverage in a self-insured program. This program provides coverage for property damage to buildings, contents and vehicles. It also includes equipment breakdown/boiler & machinery protection for systems normally excluded under a property policy. This extends coverage to electrical systems, HVAC, refrigeration units, pressure vessels, computers and communications equipment, mechanical equipment and other similar risks.

The 2019-20 program includes $250,000,000 limits, a $250,000 pool deductible, with a funded aggregate stop loss. Member Deductibles are $10,000.

To access or update your city’s property or vehicle schedule, please login to RiskPartner here.

The Auto Physical Damage program information can be found here.
Separate, fully insured coverage is available for Earth Movement & Flood.  More information can be found here.

Reporting Claims

AdminSure has been contracted to provide claim handling services. Claims reporting requirements are available for viewing and download here.

  1. The member is responsible for timely and accurate claim reporting.
  2. Immediately report all property and vehicle losses to Mike Reed, AdminSure, at the following:
  3. Do not wait for police reports, repair estimates, or other documentation.
  4. All claims must be reported, including claims with a value anticipated to be below the deductible.

An initial loss notice providing basic scope of loss information should be emailed within five (5) working days. The loss notice should include the following:

  1. Member name
  2. Date loss reported
  3. Date of loss
  4. Address of the property experiencing the loss or the Vehicle Identification Number
  5. Brief description of the scope of the loss.

Within twenty working (20) days, the member should send a full loss report to the TPA, identifying it as such in the subject line of the e-mail, and include the following:

  1. Date of loss
  2. Description of peril resulting in direct physical loss
  3. Any other perils involved
  4. Location(s)/property (ies) or vehicle involved (as named in the Schedule and Scheduled Value)
  5. Scope of damage (general)
  6. What has been done and what is required to be done
  7. If known, salvage/subrogation potential
  8. If you have them, any reports (fire, weather, expert, etc.), photos, diagrams
  9. Incident and accident reports (both internal and official) if available