Insured Programs

In addition to the Liability and Workers’ Compensation Programs provided to ICRMA members, there are multiple Insured Programs available that can provide additional types of coverage.

If your entity has an exposure you don’t want retain, but we don’t already have a program designed, let us know, we’d be happy to explore designing a program to provide the coverage you need.

Information on current Insured Programs:

Reporting Claims

Timely reporting plays a critical role in any claim. Furthermore, late-reported claims may be excluded from coverage. It is critical that you report the claim as soon as you discover the damage. Do not wait for police reports or damage repair estimates before reporting a claim. It is also important that you do not repair the property before the claims adjuster has had an opportunity to speak with your agency’s risk manager. If there is a possibility of further damage before permanent repairs can begin, perform temporary repairs, such as boarding up broken windows, protecting property exposed to rain, or getting professional help if extensive water damage occurred.

Claim Correspondence

Please refer to the appropriate line of coverage page for contact information.