Certificates of Coverage

ICRMA utilizes Certificates of Coverage to evidence our members’ participation in various programs. These certificates of coverage can be used to satisfy the requirements of third parties with whom our members have contracted. When the contract requires that coverage be extended to these third parties, additional covered party status can be granted via endorsement.

Requests for Certificates of Coverage or Additional Covered Party Status should be submitted to the RPA team.

  • Click here to download the Certificate Request form.
  • Please e-mail the completed form, including supporting materials or contracts, to Ron Green (Gallagher) at ron_green@ajg.com.

ICRMA will attempt to issue a certificate within 48-72 hours after the request has been reviewed and detail verified. ICRMA returns the completed certificates of coverage to the Member, and the Member is responsible for forwarding onto the certificate holder.

Do you need help with contractual risk transfer? ICRMA’s Risk Control Director┬áto provide assistance.

If you have any questions regarding this process or need assistance, please contact staff.