Risk Management Fund Program

The Risk Management Fund Program provides a mechanism for ICRMA members to fund expenditures supporting safety and risk management efforts throughout the year. Each year the Program allows members to contribute up to $5,000 to their Risk Management Fund, the balance for which is capped at $25,000. Once the maximum allowable balance is reached, members may not contribute to the fund until some of the funds are used. Requests to use the funds for reimbursement or pre-payment should be submitted as indicated on the request form for processing.

Risk Management Fund Program Guidelines & Payment Request Form


Program funds will be used to reimburse Member expenditures for the following:

  1. Controlling or minimizing risks that could result in injury, illness, and/or claims filed.
  2. Development, implementation, and maintenance of safety & risk management programs.
  3. Emergency and disaster preparedness.
  4. Special expenditures permitted by ICRMA and/or the ICRMA Director of Loss Control.

Program funds will not be used toward:

  1. General maintenance or upkeep;
  2. Regular expenses such as operating supplies, materials, or equipment;
  3. Any expenses that the City is obligated to make, including monetary fines resulting from regulatory citations.

Examples of past approved expenses:

  • Anti-Harassment Training
  • Artwork appraisal
  • Cal-OSHA reporter
  • Conference Attendance
  • CPR Training & Materials
  • Defensive Driver Training
  • ER Center Computers
  • ER Evacuation Chair
  • Ergonomic Equipment
  • Ergonomic Services & Training
  • Forklift Training
  • HAZWOPER Training
  • HR Classification and Comparative Analysis
  • PR Services not covered by the Crisis Response Program
  • Risk Control Services
  • Safety Training Videos/DVDs
  • Standing Desk
  • Title II (ADA) Evaluation & Transition Plan
  • Traffic Control Guide